As most of you all already know I posted a video on YouTube titled “SETTV IS BACK!!! They re-branded allegedly

Well TVSTREAMSNOW (TVSN) reached out to me and said they AREN’T SETTV but they are using the same middleware settv used to use.

What is middleware you might ask? In Layman’s terms, middleware is like the keyboard driver software that’s installing in every computer. Without this driver the computer and keyboard couldn’t communicate. So it’s the link between the keyboard and computer.

So lets say both TVSN and SETTV are both keyboards and they are both using the same keyboard driver software (middleware) to connect to the live tv streaming software (the computer) which in return connects to us.

I hope this all makes sense. Where TVSTREAMSNOW failed is they didn’t change the look and feel from SETTV look and feel even though they are separate from one another. Them not changing inspired me to create the video below.

I just wanted to clear the air just in case some were confused. If you are going to invest in TVSTREAMSNOW service, I highly recommend sticking to a month-to-month subscriptions just in case something happens to them and they also shutdown.

I will be creating and uploading a video on this confusion but as promised I wanted to let you know first through email.


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