Tips to Buy a Perfect Stand Up Desk

Tips to Buy a Perfect Stand Up Desk

One of the main problems that people now are facing is that they sit too much. We spend most of our day sitting and doing our work and completely forgetting how bad it is for our health. Sitting a lot every day can cause severe diseases like diabetes, heart problems, and others. One needs to counter the sitting issue so that these diseases can be prevented. One of the places that can stand-up and work comfortably without any problem. The best thing about stand-up desks is that you can change the height of the desk according to your own requirement. This means that if you want to stand up and work you can adjust the height accordingly and if you want to sit and work even then you can adjust the height of the desk accordingly. The stand-up desk provides you with alternate options of either sitting and working or standing and working. we set the most is in our offices. We spend our entire office time sitting on one chair and doing our work rather than moving around or doing our work in some other position.

This is one reason why stand-up desks are now gaining more and more popularity as where you.

Stand-up desks are said to be beneficial for health as you don’t just have to sit and work. Using stand-up desks can negate the harmful effects of sitting too much and working. it is believed that by the use of stand-up desks one can control the weight gain and lower the risk of obesity as well. Often after lunch, people tend to go and sit on their office chairs which is not a recommended action at all. Things like these add to our health problems as we should not be sitting after having lunch. These small actions help us improve our overall health conditions and shows us why having stand-up desks is important.
While we know the importance of stand-up desks, one thing that we still don’t know is how can one buy a best adjustable stand up desk and what features should be looked into it in order to get the best stand-up desks. There are a lot of stand-up desks that are available with each stand-up desks providing you with different benefits and features. One has to make sure and select the best stand desk that will best suit their personal needs. In order to make the entire buying process a lot easier, we will now provide you with some tips to buy stand up desks.

Get the Adjustable Stand-up Desks

There are stand-up desks that are rigid and are fixed in one place only. This means that at whichever position that desk has been fixed, you will have to work at that one place only. You will then stand and work all day with no sitting option available. This is why it is recommended that one should always go for stand-up desks that are adjustable so that it gets easier to switch from standing mode to sitting mode in no time. However, going after these adjustable desks is not easy as one has to look at the different options available as well with different height changing options. in stand-up desks, there are manual, hydraulic, and electric motor height changing desks.

Manual Adjustable Stand-up Desks

The manually adjustable stand-up desks require to adjust the desk with hand crank only. This can be a gruesome task keeping in mind that if someone is adjusting the desk several times per hour. Though the process may take just a minute it still is not recommended and people often just change their habit of changing the desk and will continue doing their work in sitting position only, which is not a good sign of health as well. However, the advantage of this type of stand-up desk is that they are cheaper as compared to the other alternatives that are available. Hence if there are any affordability issues then you can go for this type but make sure you continue to adjust the desk manually every now and then.

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Hydraulic Desk Adjustment

Often you will be in no mood to adjust your desk manually or even at times you won’t even prefer the sound of adjusting your desk manually. This is where the hydraulic desk adjustment comes to your help as you can get automatic adjustment within no time. not only will you get an automatic adjustment but you will also be able to get that in a soundproof environment as well. however, these hydraulic desk adjustment is quite expensive and a normal person may find it difficult to afford them. These sort of desk adjustment are usually targeted towards the senior executives of the company.

Electric Desk Adjustment

The electric disk is one that can work for you but for that, there will be some sound that you will have to bear. Plugged in the electric socket, the desk adjustment will work only when you have electricity in your home or office otherwise it won’t work. But the main problem is that there may be some sound while adjusting the desk from one position to another. Apart from this the speed of adjustment of the desk also differs ranging from 0.7 inches per second to 1.7 inches per second. The higher the speed the more money you need to pay for that particular desk.
Weight Capacity.

Once you have selected which type of desk adjustment you want for your desk from the three different options discussed above, you can now come over to another important part of stand-up desks. This time around you have to decide on the weight capacity of the desk, which at first sight may not sound to be an important idea, but it surely is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make while purchasing a stand-up desk. The main reason for giving importance to the stand-up desk is because there might be different things that you will want to put on your desk so pre-determining the weight is extremely important.

The weight of the desk will vary from individual to individual keeping in mind the different things that one can keep on the desk. The more things you keep on your desk, the higher the weight capacity will be at your stand-up desk. So the electric and hydraulic stand-up desk will also include the weight of the table top when the motor is lifting, which means it is an increased addition to the weight. There are different levels of stand-up desks motor that can lift different weights. A low-end motor can lift up to 50 pounds while a motor on the higher end can weigh up to more 700 pounds, which is quite a lot.

Minimum and Maximum Height

The most important thing while choosing out for a stand-up desk is the minimum and maximum height that you want to set for the desk. This is where the real problem starts people who are either too short or too tall as they won’t get to fix in the minimum and maximum criteria properly. There is always something that is missing out from them while the other things can be sorted out. The range of minimum and maximum height usually is between 21 to 56 inches. In case of a perfect scenario of the minimum and maximum height, you can easily rest your arms and forearms on the desk and at the eye-level to your monitor.

Size of the Tabletop

The size of the table top is very important with people having a lot of things on the desk can opt for a bigger table top in order to fix all the things in one go. People with no or little things can also keep a small tabletop that can fix in their laptop or the computer along with other basic things that they keep on the table. So this way you can sort of customize your tabletop as well and build in more room in the area where you sit. The more room you make the more things you can adjust as well. you can also select the material of table top with different options for tabletop material available including plastic, bambino, steel, 3D laminate, carbonized bamboo, walnut, and particleboard.

Assembly Process

There are desk converters that have to go through a complete assembly process while some of them don’t require anything else to do as they only have to be fixed. While buying a stand-up desk the main thing to note is the assembly time that it takes. If it can be done in a quickly without any problems than it’s the best stand-up desk that you can get which makes the overall process easier. However, if the assembly process is long and tiring then it has a negative impact and can take up a lot of time as well in this regard. Hence stand-up desks with fewer assembly time should be taken into consideration.

Other Key Features

While we have talked about some of the most important things that should be present in the stand-up desk, there are other different things as well that are equally important. They may not get enough importance but these features are those that will help you to further enhance the beauty of your desk that too in time at all. One important feature that is often present in stand-up desks is the option of having a built-in speaker in it. However, the stand-up desks with these features are quite an expensive one and one has to make sure whether this much money should be spent on it or not.

The tabletop should also contain an area that serves as a blackboard or a diary where you can write different things and at the end of the day when you are leaving you can just erase everything and start off the next day from scratch. Having proper wiring spaces in these stand-up desks is extremely important as you need the wires of the computer/laptop to be coming in from one single source only so that there is no mess created in the stand-up desk and taking care of the entire desk becomes easy. Tabletop that supports the use of a mouse on the stand-up desk should also be required.

If you are looking out for stand-up desks on a budget then you have to give up the option of getting a disk from outside rather they can just make one at home. This will be a troublesome process for many but it will save you a lot of money and will make you learn new skills as well. However whatever is created should be tested first and then it should be fixed. The main reason is to know whether the product being prepared is perfect or not or whether there are any changes that one can go through in order to make it a perfect choice.

Best Stand-up Desks

There are a lot of companies that have been manufacturing stand-up desks in order to promote a healthy lifestyle and make the lives easier for everyone. Some of the key stand-up desks include:
Smart Desk 2 – Business edition by Autonomous: this electric stand-up desk is the perfect choice for offices as it is powerful and efficient and at the same time can be easily adjusted at different heights. The stand-up desk comes in black, white, and bamboo top. The makers of the desk i.e. Autonomous is offering free trials for the product and offering rates that no other company right now is offering. the products available at Autonomous are available in price range of $100-400 catering to different market segments and providing premium quality to its customers.

Fully Javis Bamboo: this particular stand-up desk is the best value for money that you get. The unique design makes it look elegant with the company also providing warranty and free shipping of the product as well.

Varidesk Prodesk Electric: this particular stand-up desk is one of the most important desks that one can opt for with major people also ignoring the high price tag. The high price tag of this product is one reason why people just don’t prefer to use this stand-up desk as it is out of the question for them.

Flexisboat M2B: with the best design and price right now, there is no assembly process required for this product. This makes it a lot easier for people to opt for this particular model as it can come up and forward and take more space as well.

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