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Make room, citizens! Justice is moving in.The Tick (Peter Serafinowicz) and Arthur (Griffin Newman)

The Tick is superhero satire as it should be. Many superhero shows and movies tend to be gritty and dark — funny is reserved as a last resort. Flipping the script on its head compared to other series in the genre, The Tick is funny, humanizing, and witty first and foremost. In the world of The Tick, with great power comes great comedy.

The characters eschew traditional secret superhero tropes/identities and are absolutely mentally unstable, which only seems to add to their charm. The Tick is a near indestructible and charismatic power house who is also suffering from amnesia (thus lacking any knowledge of a secret identity) prone to spouting weirdly encouraging non sequiturs. His new sidekick, Arthur Everest, is a skittish and medicated accountant with an intense obsession with the past (specifically supposed dead supervillain, The Terror); Arthur himself transforms magnificently into a superhero in his own right known as….Arthur. Just Arthur.

Miss Lint (Yara Martinez) flanked by henchmen

The evil opposition has a healthy share of quirks as well. The Terror’s former lieutenant Miss Lint, initially a rudderless antagonist mocked by her peers and subordinates, is roomies with her ex-husband and hung up on her antihero ex-fling Overkill. Though her shock powers are as deadly as her rage, her static feedback embarrassingly causes lint to constantly be stuck to her evil garments the more she uses her powers. One can never be sure which side she’s working for as she develops throughout the season. Even the thugs working alongside her have their own humorous commentary on the destructive aftermath of “the big blue bug” attacking their gang.

The Tick is a reminder that despite our flaws, even the most average humans can have greatness within. On the flip-side, the superheroes and supervillains are laughably human despite their incredible power. This is not The Tick’s first foray into TV but it is the best I’ve seen so far. It’s a great time for long-time fans of The Tick and new superhero fans alike.

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