The Golden Girls: A Millennial Primer

On this illustrious Galentine’s Day, classic ‘80s sitcom The Golden Girls returns in all its pastel glory to Hulu. Picture it: four hilarious senior ladies with dead and ex-husbands who didn’t yet have Facebook to harass their adult kids, so they spent their time dating, laughing, exchanging insults, and eating cheesecake. But how do the lives of these grandmas apply to the Millennial-on-the-Go? Since there is nary a text or a cell phone in the series, their world may seem alien, so we’ve put together this Golden Girls 101 so you can jump right in and watch all 180 episodes starting today.

Dorothy Zbornak: Acid-tongued substitute teacher from Brooklyn, who moved into the house after her husband left her for a younger woman. In terms of other sitcom foursomes, she would be a Carrie or a Hannah, but let’s be clear: she would totally make them cry.

Blanche Devereaux: The epitome of Southern Belle, this merry widow owns the house where the girls frequently hear a… Read More