The Cost of Fame

After a drama-filled first season, E!’s hit show The Arrangement is back for another season of romance, betrayal, and Hollywood wheelin’ and dealin’. We sat down with the cast to discuss where their characters are headed this season, and they even teased out some of the major ‘gasps’ Season 2 will bring viewers. Check out our interview below, and be sure to catch up on Season 2 before streaming new episodes of The Arrangement, Sundays at 9/8c on E!

So much of Season 1 was about what lengths people will go to for fame. What would you say is the overarching narrative of Season 2?

Michael Vartan: I think a lot of people who were reaching for fame in Season 1 realize the price that comes with that, and it’s a rude awakening for some of them.

Lexa Doig: Yeah, I think during Season 1 you got to meet certain characters, like Kyle and Megan, and you got to see them fall in love—and see that they have a genuine relationship. I think in Season 2 you start to see how external pressures really exert their force on that relationship, all while they’re dealing with their own internal pressures around fame and career. I feel like we’re taking an even deeper dive into what these characters will really do for fame.

Christine Evangelista: Season 1 was definitely all about establishing this marriage contract, between Megan and Kyle. I think the gloves really come off for Megan during Season 2—she’s fighting for her relationship, for her career, and for her own identity. We’ll explore the Institute a lot more, and all of the relationships and dynamics within that. There’s a lot to be explored when it comes to Terence and Megan and their relationship dynamic, since the two of them have been lying and keeping information from each other. I also think there’s a lot to explore between Kyle and Terrence—what led the two of them to where they are now, and why would Kyle put so much on the line for Terence?

Josh Henderson: I think Season 2 also gets a lot darker! Megan and Kyle are over their honeymoon phase of falling in love, and Season 1 ended with Megan saying that she was going to take down the Institute… so she’s on a mission. Kyle is diving into directing his first movie, which Megan’s starring in, and that’s a big deal to him! We also get to see a little bit of Kyle’s past, like finding out why his previous relationship didn’t work, how dark his life really got, and why he went to the Institute in the first place. I’m rooting for Megan and Kyle to have their happy wedding, but we shall see if it will happen or not!

What are some things that you love about your character? And on the flip side of that, things that you loathe?

MV: I actually don’t dislike anything about Terence. He’s perfect! [Chuckles.] I’m kidding! One of the things I love about Terence is that he just gets to be bad. I’ve been the good guy most of my career, so to get to play someone with skeletons in their closet is very fulfilling.

But honestly, I don’t really dislike too much about him. He’s obviously corrupt and flawed to the nth degree, but I dig it! And getting into character to play Terence again for Season 2 was exciting. I missed that old boy! Like Josh said, things are a lot darker this season. Terance does ‘creepy’ even more than he did in Season 1, if that’s even possible!

LD: Well I can honestly say that I got to know DeAnn better in Season 2 than I did during Season 1. I love that DeAnn is a get-stuff-done kind of a woman. She doesn’t let anything get in her way when it comes to what she wants to achieve. The downside to that, is that she sacrifices a lot personally and emotionally for that—which I think is part and parcel to being a woman in business. There’s often a masculine quality that you have to carry with you because there’s no room for the feminine, which to be honest with you, I hope is going to change.

JH: I think the cool thing about doing a TV show is that you live and grow with your character. During Season 1 we got to see this kind of this whimsical, romantic story. It doesn’t fall apart, but during Season 2, it gets pretty dramatic. The things that I like about Kyle are that he’s caring, and he wants to be an inspiration to people. That’s enjoyable for me to play, because I play a lot of bad guys! And Kyle’s very much a good guy. I like that this season he’s also more vulnerable. I also think that an actor portraying an actor is always an interesting situation. Playing the biggest movie star in the world is a super unique thing, so I have a ton of fun with it!

CE: There are a lot of things that I love about Megan! I’m mostly interested in her duality and her deep inner conflicts. She’s incredibly vulnerable and compassionate, but she has this really tough side of her, this inner strength that I’ve been very excited to play, especially during Season 2.

What are you most excited for fans to experience this season?

MV: I just think this season is so different from the last. Obviously, it’s the same show with the same characters, but it’s so much darker! Some of the relationships you expect to survive, as complicated as they are, don’t survive. New relationships are formed. New alliances are made. It’s pretty heavy. And as my lovely costar, Lexa likes to say, it’s a bunch of crocodiles trying to be swans.

LD: I think we got excited over the same things viewers will get excited over! Reading episode to episode, there was so much more new information in terms of the depth of these characters—especially for DeAnn.

MV: Don’t forget our love scene!

LD: Ha! Oh, yeah. We have a banging love scene, quite literally. It was good times! What else? Well there are a lot of interesting betrayals, and as Vartan mentioned there are relationships that you think would survive that don’t, and new relationships that are formed. New alliances, interesting betrayals, shocking betrayals—to see all of these people try and get to their goal of being at the top of their industry!

CE: I think Season 2 is much more of a psychological thriller. We’re exploring intentions, and how these characters manipulate each other. I’m very excited for fans to see this wedding that we’re planning! It’s this extraordinarily huge wedding, and it’s planned by the Institute. What are the terms of this marriage and this relationship, and how much of the fantasy that has been in Megan’s mind is over? Which is sad, and that definitely creates a very complicated situation for Megan and Kyle. They want to keep their relationship intact, but they have all these external factors affecting them. I’m very excited for viewers to see how that unfolds.

JH: I also think we just get so much more information about Kyle and that’s exciting for me. It gets super intense, and I honestly think that’s what fans loved about Season 1. I mean we’re pushing the envelope even more, so tune in. You’re going to love it!

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