On the road again with DIRECTV NOW℠


Put an end to staring out the window for hours while hearing “are we there yet?” a million times. DIRECTV NOW makes road trips fun again! Stream live TV and your favorite shows and movies throughout the 50 states, as long as you have a working connection to the Interwebs (that’s a technical term).

There are just a few road rules you have to follow during your trip to ensure smooth sailing (or driving, or pogo-sticking, or…) as you stream away.

Rule #1 of the DIRECTV NOW travel club: live local channels are only available to stream in your home city/metro area. BUT you can still watch your gotta-see shows from local channels on demand anytime, anywhere. Just go to your list of networks, choose from ABC, FOX, NBC, Telemundo, then start streaming your show. This is a serious road warrior secret that will make your voyage epic.

Pro-tip: you can use your DIRECTV NOW login information to sign into third-party apps and websites. Find out which networks will let you log in and stream here.

Last things last, are you planning a globe-trotting adventure? While DIRECTV NOW can stream live TV within the U.S., you won’t be able to stream TV live or On Demand outside the country. Just one more reason to feel homesick.

Happy travels and happier streaming, and remember: There’s no place like home!