Lenovo Explorer Bundle, Windows Mixed Reality Headset with Controllers, Iron Grey, G0A20002WW

Price: $449.99 - $399

  • Easy to set-up – VR headset with spatial awareness capability can be complicated to set-up. With Lenovo Explorer, this is accomplished within minutes by connecting just one cable to your PC. No external sensors needed.
  • Ergonomic – The Lenovo Explorer is light, weighing only 380 g (0.84 lbs) and is comfortable due to its ergonomic design. Immerse yourself in hours of non-stop fun and entertainment
  • Compatible with the most popular computers – Working with most PC tiers, the affordable Lenovo Explorer lets you indulge in superior virtual reality experiences without spending a fortune.
  • Huge Content Ecosystem – Explore AAA content with Mixed Reality on Windows 10. Swim with the dolphins, tour the Romana Coliseum, Ski on the Andes Slopes, be the hero in popular Xbox games in a world you deserve, where you are the center of every adventure.
What’s in the Box: 
  • Lenovo Explorer Headset for Windows Mixed Reality
  • Cable
  • Motion Controllers
  • Battery
  • Quick start guide & warranty

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