How To Buy The Best Washer and Dryer For Large Family

How To Buy The Best Washer and Dryer For Large Family

Large families are not only a blessing, they are also a lot of work. Nowhere is this statement more evident than in the family laundry room. But what is the best washing machine for a large family? Today’s article will help you answer that exact question. This is a buyer’s guide of the most important things you should consider when looking for the best washer and dryer for big families. To kick things off, try to do a quick tour on a catalogue of some of the most trusted washer and dryer brands.

Consider Your Washing Needs

1. How Much Laundry Does Your Family Do Each Week?

When it comes to doing laundry for a large family, the most important aspect to consider when choosing the best washer and dryer for large family households is how much laundry your family will be doing each week. The most efficient washing machine, both in terms of energy-use and time-use is a large capacity washer.

2. How Often Do You Switch Loads?

Do you like to get your family’s laundry done all in one day, or are you the type who likes to set it and forget it (perhaps for hours at a time?) Some modern machines feature settings that will help keep your loads fresher longer, even when your busy schedule causes you to forget about them.

3. Do You Need An Energy Efficient Machine?

A washing machine’s efficiency is rated based on how much water it uses, and energy efficiency is extremely important for big families who likely already run up high energy bills each month. The Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) ranks the energy of efficiency of machines. Be sure to check prospective models against this criteria to ensure your machine will save you money for years to come.

4. Is Noise A Factor For Your Family?

Does your large family include small children, babies, or students? If so, it will likely be important for you to choose a washing machine that is quiet. Afterall, most parents try to get the laundry done when their kids are sleeping, so it doesn’t make sense to have an obnoxious sounding washing machine, right? Plus, with all the noise your kids like to make, you probably don’t need another source of unnecessary noise in your life.

5. What Types of Items Will You Be Washing?

Lastly, when it comes to choosing the best washer for big family households, do keep in mind the types of items you will be washing. Bulky comforters? Mud soak soccer uniforms? Stained couch covers? For a big family, the best washing machines will be those which can handle a large load and can remove stains like a true professional.

Consider Your Drying Needs

1. Do You Need To Save Space?

A home with a large family is typically one that is running low on extra space. If this is the case in your household, you can’t go wrong with a stackable washer and dryer. For example, this Maytag stacked washer and dryer model also makes a great space saver!

2. What Fuel Source Are You Using?

Electric? Gas? Make sure you know your fuel source before buying a new dryer. The last thing you want to do is spend time researching and buying a new dryer only to get it home and discover you don’t have compatible hook-up options. This is also the best time to switch fuel sources if you prefer.

3. Does Anyone In Your Family Have Allergies?

Keeping up with the health concerns of a large family can be a full-time job if you aren’t crafty about it. Did you know that certain dryers have been certified by the National Sanitary Foundation, because they effectively reduce the number of allergens thanks to their heat and steam mechanisms?

4. Would You Like To Reduce Your Energy Usage?

Modern dryers have gone efficiently in a high-tech way: sensor technology. These dryers are capable of measuring the moisture in the clothing when you put it in, and the dryer can then adjust itself accordingly to provide the most energy efficient dryer settings. This saves money in all types of ways in the long run, and every large family could benefit from saving a dime or two.

5. Choosing A Matching Pair

Washers and dryers are designed to work in tandem in order to improve the overall efficiency of the laundry process. When doing laundry for a large family, nothing counts more than time-saved and money well-spent. Choosing a matching set when it comes to your washer and dryer will help save you loads (excuse the pun) of time!


To recap, here are the things to consider when choosing the best washer dryer for large family households:

  • Energy efficient.
  • Stackable/space saving.
  • Large capacity.
  • Purchase a matching set.
  • Consider unique family needs (allergies, quiet operation, heavily soiled clothes, bulky items, etc).

Follow these guidelines when choosing the next washer/dryer for your family, and you will feel assured that you get the best value your money can buy!

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