Five Simple Things To Do Before Buying Vacuum Cleaner

Five Simple Things To Do Before Buying Vacuum Cleaner

Buying a vacuum cleaner can sometimes be a very tricky task because of the large variety of vacuum models which can be seen in today’s market. Gone are the days when cliché vacuum cleaner models were used for the cleaning of every household by making use of the same functions. The modern vacuum cleaners are now much advance and offer a variety of features apart from a plethora of design versatility. You can find a good example of all the latest vacuum models at VacuumPal. If you are planning on switching to a vacuum cleaner for cleaning your home, it is important that you perform the following preparatory tasks in order to avoid any friction during purchasing a vacuum cleaner which best suits your needs:

Know Your Floor Type:

The Vacuum cleaners are designed to work best on specific kind of floors. The choice of a vacuum cleaner highly depends upon the type of floors you have In your house. For instance, a vacuum cleaner designed for the cleaning of carpeted floors may not work very well for wooden floors. Similarly, a vacuum cleaner that is capable of cleaning upholstery shall not be used on carpets. Before buying a vacuum cleaner, determine the type of floor which you have. Usually, upright vacuum cleaners are good options for cleaning of highly carpeted floors whereas the canister vacuum cleaners are a perfect pick for cleaning of hardwood floors.

Determine Your Cleaning Needs:

While you are evaluating your floor types, it is also a good thing to count the number of levels present in your home. Counting the levels will help you in picking the right weight of vacuum cleaner with the right length of cord which can be easily be moved from one level to the next level. Similarly, it is important to evaluate your cleaning schedule as well. If you clean your home once a week then a light vacuum cleaner is good enough for you. But if your house demands frequent cleaner, go for a robust and durable vacuum cleaner as it will last for longer periods of usage.

Evaluate Bearable Noise Levels:

The Vacuum cleaners create a lot of noise during cleaning. If you are living in close proximity to your neighbors such as apartment buildings, go for a vacuum cleaner which creates lesser noise. For vacuum cleaning inside a house building, picking a vacuum cleaner with relatively high noise levels is a sane choice to make. Most of the latest vacuum cleaners have EPA ratings for bearable noise levels. You can look for EPA certified vacuum cleaners to enjoy a bearable cleaning experience.

Analyze The Maintenance Needs:

The Vacuum cleaners require a lot of maintenance. From assembling and cleaning of parts to disposing of the collected debris and replacement of filters, vacuum cleaners require a lot of maintenance at each step of the way. If you have allergy sensitive pupils living inside your home then it is a bad idea to pick a bagged vacuum cleaner as allergens can escape from the bag during removal. Similarly, if your home requires extensive cleaning than picking a vacuum cleaner with a small disposable basket is a bad idea. Pick the vacuum cleaner which requires the least maintenance.

List Down Additional Perks:

The latest vacuum cleaner manufacturers offer a number of additional perks which comprise upon offering HEPA filters for allergen filtration, mopping features, smart cleaning features, cleaning and sanitization features. Instead of getting a vacuum cleaner comprising upon all of these features, it is good to list down your needs and pick the vacuum cleaner which offers suitable additional perks.

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