DIRECTV NOW℠ and local channels, demystified

Sometimes what seems simple… isn’t so simple. “Local channels” means channels broadcast in your area, right? Actually, there could be a few reasons why some local channels aren’t available with your DIRECTV NOW plan. Here’s the lowdown on how we figure out your local line-up:

There are some areas where we don’t offer local channels, period. That’s because we haven’t reached an agreement with local providers. Yet. We’re working hard to set something up in every area to make sure no ZIP code is left behind.
The address on your monthly bill puts your subscription in a certain ZIP code. If it’s not a ZIP code we cover, local channels won’t be available. The ZIP code on your bill also anchors your service to your home city/metro area.
Unfortunately, local channels aren’t available outside the greater metro area where you live (as determined by your billing ZIP code).
To find out which ZIP codes are currently covered by DIRECTV NOW and which channels are available in those ZIP codes, visit the links below. If your area isn’t included, rest assured we’re doing everything we can to get you streaming ASAP!

Find out what local channels are available in your area.

Check out our FAQ about local channels.