6 FX Shows You Can’t Miss


Your watchlist will thank me.

FOX and FX shows have been a staple on my watchlist for years. Home to The Simpsons, Archer, American Horror Story, and Fargo, FX is hitting some home runs with their current line up. Lucky for Fire TV owners, you can watch all these streamable gems on the FXNOW app or purchase individual episodes and entire seasons from Amazon Video. Many are also available to stream for free with Prime.

Any way you watch them, these hot new shows (plus a couple that’ve been around for a few seasons) are going to soon become your latest obsession.


The first ten or so minutes of this show had me hooked. If you love shows based on actual events, Trust fully satisfies. Donald Sutherland plays Jean Paul Getty, the famous Getty family’s mercurial, kinky, and all-powerful patriarch worth billions in oil money. He’s so rich a butler brushes his teeth for him. The 10-part drama, set in 1973, follows the Getty family’s saga surrounding the kidnapping of 16-year old Jean Paul Getty III (played by Harris Dickenson). Trust’s first season is available for purchase on Amazon, or with the FXNOW app.


Consider Atlanta a refreshing addition to your watchlist. This is especially true if you’ve been binging on futuristic sci-fi shows. When you’re ready for something about present-day America, Atlanta delivers quite well. It’s a bit of a love song for Atlanta’s local scene, mixed with smart and surreal stoner comedy, plus social commentary on what it’s really like to make it in the rap world of Atlanta. Donald Glover (also the show’s creator) plays Earn, Brian Tyree Henry is Paper Boi, and Zazie Beetz plays Van. Seasons 1 and 2 streaming on FXNOW app, Season 1 is available on Hulu.

American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace

I loved Judith Light (Transparent) in this, as well as Penelope Cruz as Donatella Versace. Also based on true-life, Versace is a campy, dramatic and entertaining guilty pleasure. Seasons 1 and 2 are available for purchase on Amazon or with the FX NOW app.


If you like Marvel Comics and psychology and crazy plots like a mutant living in a small floating orb for a year, you are in luck. Legion stars David Haller as a schizophrenic mutant trying to figure out if what’s going on in his head could be real. Season 2 premier is on Netflix April 3 and also available for purchase with Amazon.

The Americans

Created by former real-life CIA agent Joe Weisberg, The Americans is in it’s final season. Set during the cold war and inspired by actual events and real-life spy tactics, if you haven’t watched it yet you’ve got a lot of catching up to do. The sixth and final 10-episode season aired on March 28 on FX and is available for purchase on Amazon, try watching it with TV Season Pass. Just starting? Watch the first 5 seasons free with Prime.


Absurdity abounds in this comedy series about two twin brothers living in Bakersfield, CA. What makes Baskets for me is comedian Louis Anderson’s performance as Christine, the brothers’ mother. Zach plays both brothers, Chip and Dale, and excels with his signature deadpan humor. Available on FX and for purchase on Amazon Video. Try out Amazon’s TV Season Pass to watch the rest of Season 3.

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