1,300 Channels in this IPTV

So as you probably already know I released a video on YouTube titled “TVSTREAMSNOW is not SETTV”

After the release, I started receiving emails and private messages saying things like:

Great video, but I still don’t trust TVSN because everything about it looks like SETTV”

I understood your explanation of middleware, but why TVSN want to look like SETTV when they know SETTV tarnished everyone?”

Receiving emails like this, I’m going to tell you all about a IPTV service that don’t use the same middleware as SETTV

It’s called Could9

Could9 has over 1,300 channels. Some of these channels are from the UK, India, Thailand, etc.

They quality of the TV channels are spot-on!!! No buffering. It has a awesome TV Guide and an On-demand section

For a one month subscription it’s $15 USD per month

I’ll be making a video on this topic and going more in details with visuals, but first I wanted to let you know first and check it out.


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