10 Irish Movies We’re Watching To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day


This list is gold.

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for. A day to wear spritely green, pinch strangers, and drink until our guts drop. St. Patrick’s Day (a.k.a. St. Patty’s Day) is the coolest global celebration of Irish culture.

The things I love about this day are endless, but what I love most is the participation. Schools turn their fountains green, bars serve green beer, and Disneyland literally paints their parks with shades of the lucky hue!

Join in on the fun by renting or streaming my top favorite 10 Irish movies on Fire TV to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day:

Sing Street (2016)

Based on the 80’s, a Dublin teenager forms his own rock ’n’ roll band to woo the heart of the girl of his dreams. Musical, corky and totally funny, this drama romance is definitely one to stream.

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https://medium.com/media/cef2cc8ca49214f7c389b5be6b293757/hrefBrooklyn (2015)

An adventurous 1950s romantic tale of a young Irish immigrant played by Saoirse Ronan who makes her way to Brooklyn. Departing from her hometown of Ireland to seek what America has to offer, she suddenly finds herself stuck between two places she loves.

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https://medium.com/media/3afea19ffa46452d34cffb78d83f0774/hrefLeap Year (2010)

Starring Amy Adams, a hopeful girlfriend takes up a Celtic tradition that allows women to pop the question to their suitor on Feb. 29th. Following her lover to Dublin, she travels far and wide to ask him to marry her. Stream now to see if she gets the luck of the Irish!

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https://medium.com/media/e4704f4bddd003553c538914a816422b/hrefOndine (2009)

Fisherman Syracuse, a recovering alcoholic, gets overtaken by a mystifying and beautiful girl, Ondine, who gets caught in his fish nets off the Irish coast. Featuring the dreamy Colin Farrell, this fantasy drama is a perfect watch to bring in St. Patrick’s Day.

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https://medium.com/media/db198df4562cbb9ec49a77acded5b58a/hrefOnce (2006)

A beautiful Irish romantic drama, this love story unravels a collaboration of music, songwriting, and passion. Stream it now on the STARZ app!

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https://medium.com/media/908ebc4616e37e86c4e7f93303817900/hrefIn America (2002)

Immigrating from Ireland to the ‘Big Apple’, the Sullivan family finds themselves in New York City Hell’s Kitchen as the father chases his dream of becoming an actor. Struggling to make it while also grieving the lost of a child, the family settles into an unsavory small apartment that marks the start of their new American life.

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https://medium.com/media/34e9189761f0dac4cee48a263a49cfad/hrefLuck of the Irish (2001)

This Disney classic is not only entertaining but it’s a great choice for young sports fans. High school basketball player played by Ryan Merriman, must fight for a gold charm to keep his family from being cursed by an evil leprechaun. Irishmen, fantasy and sport, what’s a better combination than that?

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https://medium.com/media/848f68de6781856a2279a48f86574d2c/hrefThe Devil’s Own (1997)

An inquisitive policeman, played by Harrison Ford, allows a visiting family friend to stay with him and his family in New York City. The Irish house guest, played by Brad Pitt, over stays his welcome when he puts the family’s life in danger by intruders who’ve come to look for him.

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https://medium.com/media/ee51d2011afc62844b78b35aaebdcb5f/hrefFar and Away (1992)

The ultimate dynamic duo, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, bring in all the Irish feels in this classic romantic love drama. Traveling from Ireland to America, the two come across countless pitfalls as they make their way to claim free land in Oklahoma.

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https://medium.com/media/7d8e11ef4e5812d0ff1e3a0b1d057d70/hrefFinian’s Rainbow (1969)

A timeless musical starring a dapper Fred Astaire, the film is about an Irish immigrant who moves into a remote town in the South with his daughter. Beholding a magical piece of gold that could change people’s lives forever, this film is a classic at its best!

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